Ingeniuso Collapsible Measuring Cups


A weekend project of cleaning the kitchen turned into a garbage fest!  Cleaned out drawers, and got rid of a ton of things we didn’t need.  After finding about 3 separate sets of measuring cups and spoons, we decided to look for new ones.  We came across the Ingeniuso Collapsible Measuring Cups.  Amazon delivered these bad boys yesterday.  Space saved alone is enough to warrant a purchase, especially at under $10!

Ingeniuso Collapsible Measuring Cups Description

The all in one eight piece measure cooking tool at Ingeniuso, we are all about smart products and service. Our awesome adjustable measuring cups are great for diet weight loss or portion control, kids, pet food, hiking and also makes a great gift . Our set is a long lasting, fun, colorful, comfortable, and lightweight Space Saver is easy to organize and is collapsible. The products silicone is durable, high heat-resistant and non-toxic. These squish cups pop out and flatten collapse with ease. They are all colored light blue, green, purple, and dark blue with plastic handles.  The pieces are bound together, and still easy to separate for serving by simply pulling the desired cup free from the silicone hook. Care and use: Wash before first use. Avoid using sharp or metallic utensils to prevent damage. Do not microwave. Dishwasher safe.

  • 4 pop out silicone measuring cups: 1 cup/250ml, ½ cup/125ml, 1/3 cup/80ml, ¼ cup/60ml, easily flatten squish cups for storage
  • 4 silicone measuring tablespoons & teaspoons : 1 tbsp./15ml, 1 tsp/5ml, ½ tsp/2.5ml, ¼ tsp/1.25ml
  • Best popular space saver packs: Ideal for small spaces like dorm rooms/ residence halls
  • Smart & easy to clean & use: Dishwasher safe, BPA free, nontoxic, high grade and perfect for hot or cold measurements and food
  • Attached at handle: Easy to swivel or simply pull it off the ring when in use and put it back
Ingeniuso Collapsible Measuring Cups
Ingeniuso Collapsible Measuring Cups

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