AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand


In the market for a cheap, clean monitor stand?  This is the one!  Spent a good 3 to 4 days researching different monitor stands and glad I chose this one.  AmazonBasics put out this monitor stand that raises your screen about 4 inches plus a tad more.  See below for exact specifications and details.  Comes in black or silver, made of metal and very sturdy!  The AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand is your best bet if you are looking to raise your screens up a tad!

AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand Specifications

  • Monitor stand raises monitor up 4.25 inches, improving ergonomics
  • Made of durable metal with silver enamel coating
  • Holds up to 40 pounds to hold even the largest monitors
  • Store game consoles, laptops or other items underneath
  • Measures approximately 11 by 14.6 by 4.25 inches (LxWxH)
  • Allows room under to store things as well, maximizing desk space!
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Bentley Bargains Review and Conclusion

Do you have a habit of leaning forward and sitting improperly?  This can cause tension and an unhealthy strain on the body.  The AmazonBasics metal monitor stand makes it easy to raise the height of your monitor or laptop up by 4 inches. Raising your monitor to eye level promotes better ergonomics and a more comfortable viewing experience.  Raising the monitor up off the desk promotes better ergonomics and frees up valuable desktop space. The 13-inch-wide empty space directly below the sturdy shelf can be used to store anything from a laptop or keyboard to everyday office supplies.

The AmazonBasics monitor stand’s metal construction offers rugged durability.  The black enamel coating provides aesthetic appeal and enhanced strength for everyday use.  Smooth contours & clean lines give a contemporary look that adds a touch of sleek sophistication to any home or office.

I loved these stands so much, we ordered about 15 of them for the office.  Also, with Amazon’s return policies, what do you have to lose?

AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand

Link to Purchase the AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand

You can pick yourself up one of these great stands in black or silver over @ Amazon here: