Vinsic USB Type C Car Charger Adapter


So, for the first post for Bentley Bargains, we will be taking a look at the Vinsic USB Type C Car Charger Adapter!  This is the first car charger I have found that is rated “good” to use with my Google Pixel XL phone.  I got the phone in October 2016 and just now, in February, bought a car charger.  There has been a lot of talk about the reliability, and even safety of all these new USB Type C cords, wall chargers and car chargers.  A few Google employee’s and even some outsiders have taken it upon themselves to keep an up to date spreadsheet of all the chargers and cords they can get their hands on.  You might be able to request access to see this spreadsheet here: Google Pixel Phone – Suggested Peripherals [Curated by Nathan K.]  Special shout-out to Nathan K for his hard work!

Charger Details

Let’s talk about the charger itself.  I have never dealt with a Vinsic product until this charger, and up to this point, I have zero complaints.  I gave it a 5 star rating on Amazon I was so happy with it.  (You can read my full Amazon review HERE)  The product specs are as listed here:

  • Vinsic® usb type c car charger uses the universal USB A output port and a Type C female output port to charge most kinds of 5V mobile devices while driving.  Compatible with Apple MacBook (12 inch, 2015), Google ChromeBook Pixel (2015), Nokia N1 Tablet, etc.
  • It comes with built-in smart identification chip, which can connect your device to maximize both compatibility and charging speed (up to 3A). With this charger at hand, your can quickly charge your mobile devices on the go. Also, you can charge your two devices simultaneously.
  • It features over-voltage protection, short circuit protection and input over-current protection functions and is safe to use.
  • Equipped with a LED indicator, which shows you the real-time status of the charger. After this LED indicator goes on, you can charge your devices anytime.
  • Made of environment friendly ABS plastic with mat finishing and is eye-catching yet durable. Portable and compact size for easily use in your car.

Bentley Bargains Review and Conclusion

I love that fact that I can use this same charger to charge up my Chromebook, and also charge the better half’s Macbook.  It also comes with a standard USB port as well, so there are 2 total.  As you can see in the image below, there is a standard USB port and also a 3 amp USB Type C port.  Please note, the amps to decrease with more than 1 device plugged in at the same time.  If you keep it to 1 device at a time, you get a good… constant 3 amps of charge.  This is good news for Pixel and Pixel XL owners specifically!

USB Type C and Standard USB A Ports!

Amazon Link to Purchase

You can grab one of these stellar Vinsic USB Type C Car Charger Adapter @ Amazon here: